Negotiate 1-2-3



Openings matter in negotiation. And they matter lot. It’s possible, of course, to start off poorly, yet later recover your footing. It’s also possible to get off to a good start, but encounter problems subsequently.

Nevertheless, how parties engage each other and frame the issues at the outset often sets a pattern for what follows thereafter. When people begin by successfully “negotiating how to negotiate,” they are far more likely to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome—and to do so without stressing their relationship.

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It is said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That adage reminds us that at some point, a time comes when we must be begin to take action rather than simply weigh the various paths we might take. That is certainly true for negotiation. So when we take that first step, it is important that we head in the right direction.

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