Negotiate 1-2-3

Openings Unit: Introduction

This unit presents concepts and techniques for managing negotiations in their crucial opening phase. The issues examined within apply both to high stakes business transactions and day-to-day interactions in our personal lives.

This unit is comprised of modules of varying length. Across these units you will see information presented in a variety of ways. You’ll read capsule descriptions of psychological research about how people succeed (or fail) at getting in sync. Short videos illustrate different bargaining styles, and at several points you’ll have the chance to test and expand your powers of observation so that you’ll be better able to pick up on nonverbal cues from other parties.

Each unit deals with a particular aspect of openings and stands on its own, but reviewing them together will give you a broader understanding of how to prepare for and manage these crucial moments. You’ll find instructions below on how to navigate within this unit, but feel free to chart your own course.

Good luck—and fun!

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