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Related Modules

At the bottom of every Negotiate 1-2-3 learning module is a list of Related Modules. These may be in the same or a complelely different unit ("Openings," "Critical Moments," "Closing." You may find that rather than proceeding through the Negotiate 1-2-3 learning modules in a linear way, you'd like to follow particular themes or topics of special interest. The Related Modules section can assist you in developing your own customized learning experience.

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Users are encouraged to post comments on the individual learning modules of the site. You may sign up for a Disqus account, login with your social media username/password, or post anonymously (see instructions below).

Article Database

A the bottom of every learning module is a list of Additional Resources (books, articles, videos, blog posts, etc.) for users interested in digging deeper into a particular negotiation topic. These resources have been curated, tagged, and added to a searchable/browseable repository called the Article Database.


The Glossary page provides some key definitions for negotiation-related terms used on this website. The source of the definition is provided, as well as links to the online resource.


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